We have become too sedentary. Most of us sit all day long.

We always are in need of electrical power, at home and on the road!

WATT's our solution?

Pure Human Electricity!

Start pedaling while seated and plug in your electrical devices.. Charges starts even when pedaling at a gentle pace.

WATT's your win?

Live up to a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle! Easy and fun. And above all very HEALTHY.

For all our business partners: ELECTRIFY your brand!

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Latest news

  • 29Jan

    WeWatt technology inside Marc Herremans' handsbike in commercial Puro Coffee
  • 12Jan

    WeWatt's installations included in MobileAngelo
  • 09Jan

    First shipment to Canada!
  • 24Nov

    First products to Russia!
  • 31Oct

    First MOBIKE installed in Romagna Italy
  • 2OOct

    Orgatec Fair!
  • 22Sept

    First sale in Dubai
  • 15Sept

    New logo + housestyle !
  • 13Sept

    Present at Special Olympics Antwerp
  • 12Sept

    Launching new model MoBike!
  • 28Aug

    First shipping to Switzerland (Fei)
  • 6Aug

    Article FastCoExist lets mailbox explode!
  • 4Aug

    Pilot project train stations, the Netherlands
  • 16July

    Shipment to Boston University, US
  • 9July

    WATTaTABLE invited at Tour de France
  • 2July

    CocaCola's Movement is Happiness campaign
  • 27May14

    New website on-line
  • 19May14

    Preparation Eurobike & Orgatec fairs started
  • 15May14

    Early adopters contracted
  • 1May14

    New product development launched
  • 27March14

    Many installations in Belgium and France
  • 31Feb14

    Partnering with GetSpeed (Germany)
  • 31Feb14

    Partnering with Kantoorfitness (Netherlands)
  • 31Jan14

    Change of product name to WATTaKIOSK
  • 31Jan14

    Launch of new product WATTaTABLE
  • 17Jan14

    WeWatt in La Maison 3D @ Dunkirk, France.
  • 17Dec13

    @ Aire de la Chaponne (A6:Paris->Lyon)
  • 19Nov13

    Teamed up with Michiel Van der Kley
  • 04Nov13

    Installed @ International School of Brussels
  • 31Oct13

    Installed @ KBC Leuven (Be)
  • 26Oct13

    Installed @ Nurnbergring (Ge)!
  • 11Oct13

    Installation in train station @ Lyon (Fr)
  • 04Oct13

    Installation in UMC hospital (Nl)
  • 19Sept13

    Batch of refurbishments being shipped!
  • 19July13

    First installation in home office in Portugal!
  • 06June13

    Launch of new product for hotel & bike bars
  • 04June13

    Patent granted!
  • 29May13

    Installation in Antwerp, Namur & Brussels (B).
  • 12April13

    Installation @ CDG, Avignon & Marseille (Fr).
  • 29March13

    Installation at Gare de Lille Europe (Fr).
  • 25Feb13

    We-Bike @ GreenMeetings in Darmstadt (Ge).
  • 05Feb13

    Beautiful setting in Dutch airport.
  • 10Dec12

    First shipment to Sweden!
  • 05Dec12

    Installation at Gare de Montparnasse (Fr).
  • 09Nov12

    We-Bikes at booth at Flanders DC.
  • 23Oct12

    Proudly present @ Orgatec.
  • 3Oct12

    First We-Bike in schoolproject.
  • 18Sept12

    New website online.
  • 27July12

    Present at Olympic Games in Londen.
  • 10May12

    Present at Brussels Airport.